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The Missouri Land Title Association is a professional association of abstracters throughout the State of Missouri. Its purpose is to promote and protect their common interests, and those of the public, in facilitating the transfer of ownership of land.

Today, MLTA has consolidated all of their association management activities into AMO, which they have been using since 2004. They among other state land title associations have built a strong relationship with AMO and continue to collaborate on new ideas and future developments such as a new shared WordPress framework.

Pam Hart | Executive Director, MLTA

“Having current membership data has been tremendous.”

“We used to print out membership directory but by the time we sent it out it was already out of date.”

Streamlining Process

Initially, the Missouri Land Title Association was tracking membership data and registrations through email, spreadsheets, and notes. They realized there had to be a better way of managing their operations to win back the time their staff was using on these daily tasks. The main goal of their transition was to consolidate their operations into one place. Pam Hart said the biggest benefit of using AMO is, “Having all of your tools in one place instead of jumping between platforms to accomplish one task.”

Using AMO allowed the Missouri Land Title Association to offer more current information to their members and the public through their website search engine that displays up-to-the-moment information.

Relationship Timeline

2004 – Began using AMO and initial website build

2019 – Land Title Tech Cooperative, AMO is building a discounted WordPress framework for Land Title Associations

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