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IFEC is comprised of professionals coming together to exchange ideas, share resources and confer on editorial content for foodservice-engaged readers.

We have been working with IFEC since 2009. Originally starting with a website and an early version of AMO, the relationship led to a collaboration developing a custom app for them that plugged-in to the AMO event registration system and a new WordPress website.

Jen Mac Kay | Executive Director, IFEC

“To the Terrific Trio: John Fischer, Matt Knipschield and Michael Sasorith. Thanks for all your help with the IFEC site, you all rock. Oh and David Carnes is pretty good too :)”

Custom App

The app is the IFEC Office Hour plug-in and it has become one of the most popular aspects of their annual conference. Editors and publishers set aside time over the course of the conference (office hours) when they can meet with writers, brands and content providers to discuss how they may be able to work together. The app automatically assigns attendee writers to time slots with the editors. Communicating and coordinating the schedules, meeting locations, times, and attendee data is all handled automatically via AMO behind the scenes. This has been a great tool for IFEC to help build professional networks and community for IFEC.

Relationship Timeline

2009 – Began using AMO and initial website build

2012 – Initial version of the Office Hours Plug-in

2016 – Move to WordPress and current AMO, update of the Office Hour App

2019 – Part of the AMO mobile app beta test

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