AMO has been helping associations design websites and implements AMS software since early 2000. We wanted our built-in CMS editor to be accessible for every user, no matter their tech or design experience. That’s why we chose a  WYSIWYG editor, which allows drag and drop modules for easy configuration. Use our shortcode tool to dynamically display information like event listings, membership application, association announcements, sponsorship options and create member-only pages with our unique permission structure.

While the AMO CMS works well for a majority of our groups, those looking for a more robust CMS also have the option to build a site with WordPress using our AMO + WordPress plug-in. WordPress started as a simple blogging platform where users could share stories. Now, it’s the most widely used CMS platform in the world according to Netcraft, a web server research company. Our parent company, ArcStone, has been building custom WordPress websites for over 10 years (check out their work here) and had a few tips on why it was a great choice for your website redesign.

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Why WordPress is the best CMS for your association

1. User-Friendly Design Tools

Because it originated as a simple tool for blogging, WordPress evolved into an easy to use design platform as well. Users with elementary design skills can easily navigate the CMS and access the myriad of themes available for customization.

2. Responsiveness

Many of your members are accessing content from their phones. With WordPress’s dynamic template, you’ll know that every page resizes properly. If you’re having trouble picking the right theme for your group, check out this article from one of our ArcStone digital strategists.

3. Plug-in options

WP plug-ins are a “piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features,” (WP Beginner). With over 50,000 free and paid plug-ins, there are countless ways you can customize and enhance your website. To ensure your plug-ins are safe and secure, check out ArcStone’s quick guide on evaluating plug-ins.

4. SEO friendly

There’s a reason SEO continues to be the key buzzword. SEO (search engine optimization) is how people find your website so it’s essential you’ve got the best practices dialed in. Luckily, WordPress is built and maintained by designers who understand SEO. You can also use SEO plug-ins like Yoast to help optimize your keywords, meta-tags and more.

5. Open source community

“WordPress is an open source software and anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code” (WPBeginner). This allows WordPress users to share ideas, code, designs and more in an open environment. The open source community has also helped create a robust support center where you can ask others questions and find answers to almost any issue.

AMO’s CMS editor is a great website tool for associations who need a simple, functional website. However, if you need a website that has more robust design tools, WordPress may be the way to go. Need help determing the best fit? Drop us a line at to get started.

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