Depending on the size of your association, data management can be a time-consuming job. It’s more than just having the correct name on file or updated email address. It means accurately tracking a member’s financial information, event attendance, company affiliations, committee status, group activity and more. Remember, your association is only as strong as your database.

Ask for members to update their record

Before you stress too much about the current status of your database, ask for members to login to their account and update any information. This ensures that at least their contact information is correct so if you’re reaching out you know they’re getting your messages.

Complete audit of your database

After this section has been updated, complete an audit of your database. Flesh out the most important data points and start updating in sections. If you’re not sure where to start, think about the data that’s most important to your engagement strategy. What data is essential to the success of your group?

Remove inactive records

As you begin to clean up records, also think about removing old, inactive records. If they haven’t renewed or interacted in over 5 years, it’s probably safe to remove them. Even if they do return to your group years down the road, it’s likely their information will be different anyway. “Remember, more data does not necessarily translate into more knowledge,” says Ann Eichel of ProTech Associates. It can actually just bloat the system and make finding the relevant data even harder.

Check for duplicates

Fortunately, the AMO system has tools set in place that check for duplicates before a new record is added so there aren’t any duplicates. If your system does not have that function, check for duplicate records in your database and merge them together.

Primary Contacts

Filter through your organizations and note if primary contacts have changed. If you’re not sure who the right contact is, reach out to the last identified primary contact or the company CEO.

Open Invoices

Do you still have open invoices from 6 months ago? Pull a report on all open invoices for membership dues and events and reach out to members to pay. Make it easy by offering an online payment portal.

An accurate, clean database is essential to a successful association. It helps to track member engagement and stay in touch. If you’re still tracking members with an excel spreadsheet, it may be time to upgrade to an AMS. Try out AMO for a 30 day free trial!


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