January is right around the corner. It’s likely you’re in the midst of dues renewals season. For many of you, that means a busy few weeks of dues preparation and processing. This season can be especially challenging considering it’s right around the holidays. To help configure an efficient dues campaign and collect payments on time, check out our top tips below.

Automation is your friend

Create an email campaign that automatically notifies a member when their membership fees are due. Provide a link directly to the payment page so it only takes a few clicks. If your system doesn’t have automated email messages for dues, considering trying out AMO.

Here’s a preview: Automated Dues Renewal Campaign

Personalize your messages

This is a no-brainer. Use the merge fields to personalize your message by first name or company. Even though this is pretty commonplace nowadays, members will notice if it’s not done.

Remind them why they joined

Use this communication opportunity to remind members why they joined in the first place. Was it for great industry resources? Access to a special community? Or an active job board? By presenting them with all the benefits they receive from their membership, they’re more likely to renew.

Thank them for their membership

After you’ve presented the benefits you provide, thank your members for their continued support. Show them how their participation makes a difference.

Feature new benefits

Now that you’ve got their attention, take the time to highlight new member offerings. Give yet another incentive to renew their membership.

Option to donate

While you’re asking for membership renewals, give members the option to make a donation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift towards your association – maybe choose a program in your community or support a local fundraiser. Members are more likely to donate when they see exactly where their money is going.

Dues renewal season doesn’t have to be stressful. Use your automation tools, create thoughtful content and make it as easy as possible for members to pay.

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