Sponsorship Types & Levels

You can create different Sponsorship Programs in AMO and each of them can have different levels of sponsorship with various perks.


Adding a Sponsorship Program

To get started, navigate to Sponsorship Management >> Sponsorship Type and click the green plus button to add a “Sponsorship Type”. Once you’ve named your sponsorship and given it a description, save your work. Once saved, click the edit tool to open your sponsorship; under “General Information”, you may want to uncheck the “Active” box for now while you’re setting up the program. You can come back later once everything is setup and make it active for purchase. Now you can add Program Levels by clicking the Sponsorship Levels Tab after you click the “Add Sponsorship Type” button”.


Adding Program Levels

Let’s add our first level by clicking the green plus button under the “Sponsorship Levels” tab. There are a few options here that deal with everything from available date range, to which income account it should populate when exporting accounting transactions. Start by giving the level name like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. Then provide the price of the sponsorship package and provide the date range that you would like this package to be available for purchase. The Account Code can be used for specifying an Income Account for funds earned through this sponsorship level, this should be allocated when exported to an accounting system. Leaving this field blank will leave it to a default value.

Next, add duration details for how long the benefits of this sponsorship level are good for. For the first field duration, enter a number and the next field determines what that number means, whether it’s years, months, or days. The Duration From field dictates when the sponsorship benefits start.



You can choose to allow sponsors to upload logos or banner ads. Many users use these as a way of convincing would-be sponsors to purchase a higher sponsorship level. These images will be saved in their sponsorship record so you can use them as you would like for other collateral or promotion purposes in print ads or emails. Just check the boxes if you want to include these image uploads available for this sponsorship level.



Last, provide a description of this sponsorship level and include a list of the perks that this level provides. This description is provided on the pages where would-be sponsors select which level they would like to purchase. So if you are including a logo in one level, banner ads in another, and both in a third, make sure you tell them in this description field.

After you’ve set up all of your sponsorship levels, display these on your web page so members can purchase them. To learn more about adding sponsorship options to your page, check out our next article “Adding Sponsorship Options to your Webpage”.