What is a Primary Contact?

Primary contacts are typically used when setting up organization memberships. When looking at an organization’s profile and clicking on the Contacts/Individuals tab, you’ll see a drop-down to select a Primary Contact and a Dues Contact. You can only select one Primary Contact per organization.


What can a Primary Contact do?

If you’ve enabled Primary Contact Admin in the Display Areas, this person will be a able to update the basic profile information for other contacts at their organization.You can also segment by Primary Contacts and send emails specifically to them. You can also segment your reports by Primary Contacts.


Can a Primary Contact Pay the organizations Dues?

No, but if this person happens to be the Dues Contact as well, they would then be able to pay the organization’s membership dues. This is Dues Contact specific action.


Can a Primary Contact Update Organization Details?

No, if an organization wants to update their basic contact information or info tracked in custom fields, they’ll need to contact you directly to make those updates. Some people use forms tool in AMO to create a “change request form” that gets sent to an admin.


Can a Primary Contact Pay Dues for individuals members of an Organization?

No, only the individual members themselves are able to pay their own dues invoice. Even dues contacts aren’t able to login as individuals of their organization to pay for individual memberships.