What are Paid Thru Dates?

Paid Thru Dates are the core of AMO’s dues renewal and membership structures. A member’s Paid Thru Date is the last day that they have full membership access. Your association may have a rolling dues structure, where members can renew at different times of the year, or a structure where everyone renews at the beginning of the year.

For example: A membership that runs from January 1st through December 31st would have a Paid Thru Date of December 31st of that year.


Who Needs a Paid Thru?

Individual Members
These are people who pay for their own membership or submit their membership fees for reimbursement. They need a Paid Thru Date in order to be able to login to AMO. This date is how AMO knows whether to give them full membership access (if the date is in the future) or if AMO should only show them the renewal page (if the date is in the past they need to renew).


Organization members
These are organizations or companies who pay for membership for multiple people or single person but the organization is recognized as the paying member. The organization profile in AMO will have a Paid Thru Date so AMO knows when the organization’s membership expires and then removes membership access for all of the people under that membership. The individuals covered by an organization membership do not need a paid thru date because AMO knows to look at the organization’s profile to get this date.


How Do I Set these Dates?

When we do your initial data import, there will be a column in your spreadsheet titled “Paid-Thru Date”, where you’ll note each members paid thru date, i.e. the date their membership needs to be renewed by. However, as individuals apply to your association through your online membership application, their paid thru date will be automatically assigned based on the rules you define in the Dues Types.

For Example:

1 Year Membership

  • Sign up date = 6/15/15
  • Automatically created Paid Thru Date = 6/15/15

6 Month Membership

  • Sign up date = 4/30/15
  • Automatically create Paid Thru Date = 10/30/15

30 Day membership

  • Sign up date = 4/30/15
  • Automatically create Paid Thru date = 5/28/15


How to renew membership?

As your members prepare to renew their membership, AMO will prompt them to pay their membership fees for dues period by attaching an invoice to their profile in the member center. To help remind members of their upcoming payment, set up an automatic dues notification campaign. This campaign will send out automatic emails to everyone in your database who still needs to pay their dues.

When an existing member renews their membership dues online, AMO will automatically advance their Paid Thru Date based on the rules you define in Dues Types.

When an existing member send you a check or you’re manually recording a renewal on their member profile, AMO will automatically advance their Paid Thru Date when you use the “Pay Dues with a Credit Card” button or “Pay Dues with a Check” button.


Manual Updates

You can manually adjust a member’s Paid Thru Date by going to their profile and changing the date then updating their profile. This is a less common practice. An example of when you might want to do this is if you want to give a member an extra month of membership because they provided a referral. You could go to their profile and adjust their Paid Thru Date.