In preparation for our October server upgrade, every domain name (DNS record) pointed to AMO will need to be updated.

AMO staff is happy to make this update for you, just contact us at 612-381-9951 or  We strongly encourage users who are not experienced with DNS to allow us to make the update for them.

If you feel comfortable editing DNS on your own, you’ll need to update your records to the following:

  • Your subdomain (www, members, etc.) should be changed to a CNAME record pointed to
  • If your @/apex/root domain is pointed to AMO (, you’ll need to move to using an ANAMErecord pointed to, or a URL redirect that points back to the subdomain you created above. If you are unable to create an ANAME or URL Redirect with your current DNS provider, you’ll need to work with a domain forwarding service such as wwwizer or select a new DNS provider such as CloudFlare.