Getting Started: Event Management

Event Management is another of the powerful and flexible tools at your disposal within the AMO system.  You can run very simple, straightforward events or incredibly detailed and complex event registrations handled masterfully through Event Types, Activity Types, Activity Groups, Attendee Status Types, & Education Types.

Before creating your first event, you will first need to create some settings that are unique to your event offerings and needs. These settings will make it easier for you to run reports, organize your events and make registration a breeze for your attendees.

Activity Types

Activity Types are types of activities that would occur inside of an Event.
Some examples would include breakout sessions, demonstrations, committee meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.

These distinctions also help you to learn more about what types of activities your attendees are going to the most as well as helping registrants see what type of activity it is before they register.

Attendee Status Types

When your event comes and goes, you’ll want to see who actually attended the event.
To help in this task, create Attendee Status Types.
As you check people in, you can change their Attendee Status Type in the Check-In Dashboard report in the event management report tab.
A few examples would be: Checked-In, Registered, No Show.

Education Types

Education Types allow for self reported education credits to be granted to a member logged into the site under My Event History.

Event Types:

You can create new Event Types for each of the different events that you host. Do you have webinars? How about monthly breakfasts or annual meetings? You must add an Event Type to each event because it is used to categorize your events, which also allows you to run reports to give you a better look into how your various events are performing over time.

Below is an example screenshot of Event Types:


To get started, navigate to Event Management

The Event Management section allows you to:

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