Getting Started: Dues Notifications

To help your members remember to log in and renew their membership dues, we can configure what is a called a “Dues Notification” campaign. This tool is an automatic workflow of emails sent to your members around dues renewal season.

Before you configure your notifications, be sure to first set up your member types and your dues types.

Please read the How To: Setup Dues Notifications for step by step instructions!

What Happens After a Member Pays Their Membership Dues?

Once a member or organization has paid their membership dues, they will automatically be taken out of this workflow.

What Happens After a Member Misses Their Paid-Thru Date and Grace Period?

If a member has not paid their membership dues and gone past the grace period, AMO will automatically turn off their membership. They can still log in to the member portal but will only have access to two modules – “Renew My Dues” and “Update My Account”.