Getting Started: Dues Types

You may be asking, “What are dues types and how should I use them?”

A “Dues Type” is essentially the membership fee associated with a specific member type.

There are many ways Dues can be configured in AMO with plenty of flexibility for your Organization.

Below are a few examples & differences between them.

Flat Rate Based Dues

Flat Rate Dues are used when there is a single price per Member Type.

Your Member Type could be setup as “Student” with a fee of $50.
You could then setup a Member Type as “Emeritus” with a fee of $250.

Quantity/Range Based Dues

Quantity/Range Based Dues are used when you need to setup pricing Tiers based on a number, set as a custom field.

Example 1:
You might setup a simple tier system such as Producer Member, and have a simple custom field asking what Tier (1,2,3, etc..) and you create a corresponding pricing rule for each of those tiers.

Example 2:
An Organization Member Type might charge based on the number of pounds of product they sell. You can set a numeric custom field called “Pounds of Product” and setup ranges to charge them based on the number of pounds.

Organizational Dues Type vs Individual Dues Type

There are a number of differences between an Organization & an Individual when it comes to how Dues are associated.
Please examine the below diagram:

Individual Memberships have a set Paid-Thru Date individually for each contact.
Organizational Memberships have a Paid-Thru date with an Assigned Dues Contact for the Org.
The Paid-Thru Date is permeated for all individuals in an Organization.


To get started, navigate to Dues Management >> Dues Types.

The Dues Type section allows you to:

Click the above links for How To’s with step by step instructions!