Donation Management

As you’ve probably guessed, Donation Management is home to everything related to donors and fundraising. Let’s get started with a brief orientation to this key AMO feature. (Feel free to skip ahead if you want to dive straight into the nitty gritty of getting your donation funds set up.)



General Information

This is where you will set all of the global settings for your donation funds. Here you will be able to add and edit the contents of your donation page, change the web address (URL) of that page, set up how you would like donor receipts to be formatted, and even choose someone within your organization to receive copies of all donation receipts. Keep in mind that most of these settings can be overridden on a fund by fund basis.



Donation Funds

Depending on the terminology you use within your organization, it might make more sense to think of a donation fund as a fundraising campaign. Within the Donation Funds area, you can set a goal for the fund, set up the types of payments you accept, and add a custom message for the receipts.



Manage Donations

Want to look up a donor’s giving history? Need to enter a donation from someone you talked to on the phone? Update a donor’s contact information? Manage Donations is where you can easily accomplish each of these common tasks.


Donation Set-Up

Ready to get started? Setup is a simple two-step process, and the best place to begin is by creating your default donation settings.


Getting Started: Settings

Click on General Information in the Donation Management menu on the left side of your screen.



Under Donation Page Content enter any content (text, images, links) you would like to include on your association’s donation page— the main page your donors will see before choosing a fund (if you have more than one entered).



Next, enter any content you wish to include in your page’s footer.



Keep in mind that the footer won’t appear until you’ve selected the donation fund and payment type; it’s located directly below the Submit button.



Before publicly sharing the donation link or adding it to a live webpage, make sure to preview the page by clicking on the link labeled “Donation URL”.



Now it’s time to set your default notification settings. (Remember that these settings may be overridden within an individual fund.)

If you would like to generate a copy of all donation receipts, check the box next to Send CC of Donation Receipts Generated and then enter the email address to which you’d like them sent.

Next, enter a message to be included on all receipts. If this text field is left blank, AMO will send a standardized message. (Again, this can be overridden at the individual fund level if you want a more customized message.) Then enter the return address and Tax ID info for your receipts, if they are relevant to your organization.



Click Update and all of your general settings are complete.

Now it’s time to create a fund!