Create Donation Record

This function is purely for internal use. Let’s say a member mails in a check and you want to create a donation record for it, go to Donation Management and then Manage Donations and click the Create Donation Record button.

Clicking this button will create a blank donation record, which you will then update by filling out the form. Fill out as many or few of these fields as you wish:

  1. Select Invoiced or Paid from the drop down menu.(If a donor has pledged a certain amount, but has yet to send payment, select Invoiced.)
  2. Pick a donation fund.
  3. Total Cost and Amount Paid. (These amounts will only differ if a donor has pledged to give a certain amount and has made a partial payment by check hasn’t made any or all of the payments yet.)
  4. Date Received
  5. Payment Account [Not Currently used]. (This field will be used for syncing payments to external accounting systems when the integrations are built into AMO.)
  6. Payor (This is the name of the person who supplied payment. Occasionally, the name of the donor and the payor will differ.)
  8. Transaction ID (This field is filled in automatically and cannot be manually changed.
    Date Created and Date Updated)
  9. Salutation
  10. First and Last Name
  11. Address
  12. Phone Number
  13. Email Address
  14. Name As It Should Appear In Printed Materials
  15. Privacy Preference for Acknowledgement of Donation